Kaushal Solar Equipments  P Ltd  is  an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified  company  comprising  of  dedicated  people  engaged  in the solar energy field  for more than  a  decade and a half.

The company has installed more than 35,00,000 liters solar water heaters. The solar collector manufactured by the company is approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards. (ISI-marked). In the solar electric (PV) area, apart from the standard range of products, the company also makes customized systems as per the customer’s requirements.

The company is registered with MEDA (Nodal Agency for Maharshtra State), Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources & Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), New Delhi.

The company has its office at Deccan Gymkhana in the heart of Pune city. The factory is located at Warje, about 10 km from Pune & second unit at MIDC Wai.

Solar water heaters can be used in homes, hostels, hotels, and industrial canteens, industrial processes as boiler feed water – virtually any place where hot water is required. It is a big saver and for homes – the investment made in a solar heater is recovered in 3 years by saving of electricity that would otherwise be used. Its expected life is 15 years.

The domestic electric geyser is one of the biggest guzzler of electricity (generally 3 KW, equivalent to putting “ON” 75 tube-lights of 40 watt each!) and installation of solar water heater is a very effective measure to combat this.

Solar electric systems use photovoltaic modules that convert sun’s energy directly into electricity that can be stored into batteries for later use – either as a DC supply system ( like in out-door campus lighting ) or as our regular AC supply ( like MSEB’s) to run ( technically) all oue existing devices like lights , fans, computers, TVs, microwaves etc. Since these systems require a not-so – insignificant investment, generally , important electric devices like lights, fans, TVS, PCs, ( those requiring less power )  are run on solar PV systems while  devices that large consumers of electricity like Acs, Microwaves etc are best avoided.

Expected life of the solar generator (called PV modules) is about 25 years and good batteries and other parts of the system can last for 4-5 years.



The Solar Flat Plate Collectors manufactured by us are certified by the Bureau Of Indian Standards and are manufactured as per IS 12933 we have been authorized to use the standards mark since 1998, Our Solar Street Lights, Domestic Light kits, Solar Lanterns are certified by the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI).

We are also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and we have been certified since the year 2001.

We have also been selected as one of the only two Indian companies in a list of the world’s :  forty top manufacturers of high quality Solar Water Heaters. In the year 2008 by the international magazine – Sun and Wind Energy-  published from Germany , that carried out an independent survey of the world’s best quality solar heaters. The survey has also highlighted that solar heaters installed by our company sixteen years ago are still functioning well.

We currently occupy the top rank among Indian Companies in the segment 200 to 299 Litre Systems in the ratings published by `solar-water-performance’.

In all these years of operation we have always tried to constantly improve our products with the aim to provide the best to our customers. Our current customer list which includes the likes of Mr. Babasaheb Kalyani, Mr. Rahul Kirloskar, Mr. Atul Kirloskar. Mr. Abhay Firodiya, Mr. Arun Firodiya, Paranjape Schemes etc.. stands testimony to our efforts.

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